Belts and hoses have some of the shortest lifespans compared to any other component in your car due to constantly being exposed to heat, vibrations, chemicals, and stress from driving. Our trained technicians are happy to help take a look and ensure the health of your belts and hoses. Most of the cars have four main hoses installed in them. Since these hoses are used extensively every time the car is on the road, they go into bad shape quite rapidly. Therefore, it is recommended to get the belts changed every 30,000 miles and your hoses every 4 years. To make the belts and hoses last to their maximum life expectancy, you must keep the engines and the rotators perfectly lubed. If the belts get a rough treatment, they undergo wear and tear quickly and their lifespan is shortened. At Alignment King we perform all sorts of repairs related to belts and hoses.

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