Seasonal Tire Storage in Calgary, AB

Did you know that tire storage is of immense importance? You can't just keep your expensive spare tires in the garage and wish for their glory! It's easy to assume that stacking the tires in the garage until you need them again is the right thing to do, but we assure you it's not. To keep them in the best condition possible, you have to:

  • • Clean the tires properly before storage
  • • Wrap them in plastic to prevent their surface from getting covered by gunk and grime
  • • Storing them in a cool and a dry place
  • • Ensuring your tires never come in contact with liquids such as solvents and any other fluids
  • • Rotate your piles of tires every four weeks to ensure the pressure remains uniform.

If this looks like too much work, hire a professional company for tire storage, such as Alignment King. We will handle all the tiresome work like loading, unloading, and storing your tires in the right environment to ensure your tires look great and stay perfect till the next time. Contact us now.

Affordable Tire Storage Services in Calgary, AB

Calgary weather is well-known for its notorious nature; it's unpredictable and challenging. Therefore, mostly all vehicle owners keep two sets of tires. One for winter and the other to use all across the seasons. One is always with you, but what about the second?

You can't just keep your expensive pair in one corner of your garage and expect it to stay perfect till the next time you use it. Improper tire storage can drastically depreciate your tires' life and can even lead to permanent damage.

We at Alignment King offer seasonal tire storage to all clients and handle all the cumbersome work like loading, unloading, packing, and storing them off the ground in a safe garage. We take care of your investment during the off-season months at a reasonable price.

So, whether you are running out of room at home or don't know the proper ways of storing the tires, give a professional company like us a call. We will keep them safe until the following season.

More About Our Seasonal Tire Storage Services

Give your tires a new home and save yourself from the trouble of storing and keeping them safe till the next season. Our seasonal tire storage services include the following:

  • • Safe, secure, and dry area to store the tires.
  • • Fully insured facility against theft or any kind of damage.
  • • Tires are stored in climate-controlled premises.

If like many of us, you are struggling to find a perfect home for your heavy, bulky, dirty, and still wanted tires, then Alignment King should be your ideal choice. Free up the valuable space in your garage, apartment, or home, and let us worry about your tire's well-being.

If you are a Calgary resident looking for efficient tire storage spaces near you, then look no further; give us a call right away and let us eliminate the hassle and annoyance of keeping the tires safe and secure until the following season.

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